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The EU will ban the use of platic crockery from 2021!

While 25 million tonnes of plastic waste are placed each year in the European Union, it was decided to ban the use of plastic dishes from 2021.Cups, plates, cutlery, cotton rod, straw, drink touillets, balls of balls, oxodegradable plastic, expanded polystyrene food containers, etc. already banned in France in 2020, will also ban in 2021 in The European Union.

This decision initially concerns industrialists who will have to find alternatives to plastic production, as well as all businesses: food service establishments, drinking specialities such as convenience stores (bakery, grocery store, caterer, gas station, etc.).

As a reminder, the Energy Transition Act has put an end to the distribution of plastic bags in the crate since July 1, 2016. With this new law, the objective is also to replace the plastic crockery with the compostable disposable crockery that will gradually increase by 50% in January 2020 and 60% in January 2025.

A breakthrough for our planet!

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